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15 Passenger Van Rental

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For very large groups of travelers, our LAX 15 passenger rental vans are available for rent. Los Angeles Van Rentals 15 passenger vehicles are great vans fully loaded with automatic transmission, air conditioning and CD player. Like the 12 passenger rental vans, our 15 seater also comes equipped with a removable bench seat, anti-lock brakes, and rear swing-out van doors with vented glass. The 15 passenger van is a popular rental option for transportation to and from LAX, camping, wine tasting, and baseball games.

Our LAX 15 passenger rental vans are ideal for companies that require extensive international business travel, or who host groups of business travelers from satellite and international offices. Not only are they great for transportation of people and luggage to LAX, they also fit the bill for everyday travel between the hotel and office. Many corporations rent the 15 passenger size vehicles for weekend business retreats, since it only takes a few vans to transport everyone in the office. Our big vans are also ideal wine tasting all over California. California has a number of wonderful wine producing regions that span from Temecula (near San Diego) to Santa Barbara and all the way up to famed Napa Valley. Renting a large van to explore each region’s unique vineyards is the best way to see and taste the delicious wines that California has to offer. Driving the entire group together in one large van requires only one designated driver, as opposed to multiple drivers who cannot enjoy the wine tasting festivities. Also, a GPS system can be rented along with your 15 passenger van for directions and maps. We promise it will get you from LAX to San Francisco and back, comfortably, safely, and conveniently. For all groups, Los Angeles Van Rentals LAX 15 passenger van rental also offers 12 passenger vans and 8 passenger vans, which are ideal for large families and groups of travelers going to LAX.

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